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Find a marker species/genus of interests

There are at least two ways to find a marker taxa of interest.

1. Use the global search widget

A global search widget is available on the navigation bar next to the GMrepo logo:

Possible hits will be shown automatically in a dropdown list when users enter three and more characters:

Those marked as marker taxon at the end are marker taxa. Users can then select any item from the list, and to the marker taxon of interest.


  • the search is automatic, so there is no need to press the enter key or click the icon;
  • nothing will be shown if no search results can be found in our database.

2. Search in the Marker taxa webpage

Users can first go to the Marker taxa , and search in the Species or Genus tables:


Valid search term include:

  • scientific name, for example fusobacterium
  • NCBI taxonomic ID, for example 851
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