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Database overview and statistics

Projects and runs

So far, GMrepo contains:

  • Meta data for in total 71,642 runs (samples), belonging to 353 projects.
  • Raw data have been processed for in total 53,700 runs (samples), belonging to 282 projects.
  • Among the processed data, microbe abundance data are available for in total 37,550 runs (samples), belonging to 209 projects.
  • In total 16,150 runs (samples), belonging to 159 projects failed our QC processes.

In addition, GMrepo also includes information on 76 projects whose raw data were not processed, including in total 31,381 runs/samples, due to various reasons, mostly the lack of phenotype information.

Associated human diseases

GMrepo arranged all runs (samples) into 131 associated human diseases; in addition, the distributions of gut microbes in healthy controls are also presented.

Taxonomic classifications

In all of the 37,550 runs (samples) collected in GMrepo, there are:

  • in total 7,088 species , belonging to 1,800 genera ;
  • among which, 2,747 species, belonging to 895 genera, can be found:
  • in >=2 samples
  • with median relative abundances >=0.01%.

Please consult the "All taxa" page for details.

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